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Franck Specialty 130 Years

Everyday is a new beginning, and Franck has been a part of each day for the past 130 days. we are proud of all the successes and celebratr 130 years of socializing and millions of cups of pleasure. Celebratory edition of new Franck specialty coffee brings high-quality coffee from four different regions: 40% Peru Finca Rosenheim, 25% Colombia El Diviso Yellow Bourbon, 25% Mexico Las Chicharras, 10% Nicaragua Flores del Café Womens Project. Each of these coffees contribute with richness of flavor with its silky body with medium acidity and high sweetness. Notes of cocoa and brazil nuts with spices cannot remain unnoticed, while notes of cherry, orange, papaya, dried fruit and raisin will contribute to additional rhapsody of the taste. Delicate floral notes with cardamom and ginger will be sensed in aftertaste and bring the best out of this coffee.

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Bag 200 g

Bag 200 g

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Dostava je BESPLATNA za sve narudžbe iznad 30,00 EUR

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Preparation in a coffee pot

In 100 ml of boiling water add 2 full teaspoons of coffee, stir well and heat again gently until the foam rises. Wait 3-5 minutes before serving.

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Dispense 2 full teaspoons of coffee and 125 ml of water into the coffee maker and cook until the extraction is complete.

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Depending on the size of the moka, pour cold water to the valve. Pour the coffee lightly into the sieve provided. The coffee is brewed at the boiling temperature until the extraction is complete.

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French press

Add 2 teaspoons of coffee to a french press jug. Separately, heat 100 ml of water to boiling, pour over the coffee and return the lid with the mesh to the jug. Leave the drink for 3-5 minutes for the precipitate to settle, squeeze the drink on the lid of the jug before serving.

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Evenly dose a handy scoop or 2 teaspoons of optimally ground coffee into the dispenser of the machine and compress with a tamper. Insert the dispenser into the machine group, tighten the dispenser handle and start the extraction. After 25-30 s, serve a drink of the recommended volume of 25-30 ml.

Opis proizvoda


Specialty coffee is roasted especially for you.

Net wt.

200 g


130 years specialty blend ROASTED COFFEE BEAN 


Keep in dry place. 

Produced by

Franck d.d., Vodovodna 20, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia

Country of origin

Croatia. Origin of green coffee: non-EU.

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