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World of coffee and tea

Exploring the Richness of Coffee Flavors Prepared in Various Ways

Discover the myriad flavors hidden within each coffee bean by exploring different preparation methods. Enjoy!

Napisao Franck d.d.

Franck Jubilarna i Franck crvena džezva

World of coffee and tea

Recipe for the perfect cup of coffee

Everyone has their own secret, but in order to make the perfect cup of Turkish coffee, there are a few simple rules.

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Savjeti za pripremu čaja

World of coffee and tea

The Perfect Cup of Tea

The golden rules for crafting the perfect cup of tea have been honed over 4000 years since its discovery. If you're feeling chilly, tea will warm you up. If you're overheated, it'll cool you down. If you're feeling low, it'll lift your spirits. And if you're feeling anxious, it'll soothe you.

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Priprema kave u French pressu

World of coffee and tea

Simple yet irresistible: Brewing coffee in a French Press

The French press stands out as a hidden gem among coffee brewing methods. Here's our concise guide on preparing the perfect cup of coffee using a French press without any fuss.

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Kolač od ricotte, Franck palente, badema i limuna


Ricotta, polenta, almond and lemon cake

Indulge in the Sweet Harmony of Flavors with Our Ricotta, Polenta, Almond, and Refreshing Lemon Cake. This combination brings the creamy texture of ricotta, aromatic notes of lemon, and gentle crunchiness of almonds, perfectly complemented by the sweetness of honey or maple syrup.

Napisao Matejka Buča

Franck Gris na biljnom mlijeku s pastom od pistacija, malinama i narančom


Semolina pudding with vegetable milk, pistachio paste, raspberries and orange

This quick recipe delivers the perfect combination of creamy semolina texture with the rich flavor of pistachios and refreshing notes of orange, for a sweet experience that will delight your palate.

Napisao Jelena Markota

Šarene pisanice uz Franck čajeve


Creating Colorful Easter Eggs with Franck Teas

Egg coloring is a fun activity for the whole family, and these ideas will help you beautify your Easter and the time spent together at home. Follow these simple instructions on how to prepare the most colorful Easter eggs - with Franck teas!

Napisao Franck d.d.

Puding od prosa s okusom tiramisua i Franck Crema


Tiramisu flavoured millet pudding

This delicious combination of creamy millet, aromatic coffee, and refreshing orange will enchant your palate with its simple preparation and rich flavors.

Napisao Nataša Rajčević

Biljka kave

World of coffee and tea

Discover the natural wonder – The coffee plant!

When we hear the word "coffee," we often envision a single tree. However, the coffee world is vast and diverse. 

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