Espresso coffee beans

Bonus Espresso

For those who prefer an espresso with an intensive aroma. This strong espresso was created from a blend of coffee beans from South America and Asia. It stands out for its dominant dark chocolates notes, and its crown of rich and long-lasting foam. 

Taste intensity 8.5 from 10
Origin South America, Asia
Način pripreme
Bag 1 kg





25.00 €

188.36 kn

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Način pripreme

Preparation on a coffee machine

To prepare a fine cup of espresso on a professional machine with a water temperature of 88-92 ° C and a pressure of 9 ± 0.5 bar, evenly dose at least 7 g of optimally ground coffee into the provided dispenser and compress with a tamper. Insert the dispenser into the appliance group, tighten the dispenser handle and start the extraction. After 25a-30 s, serve a drink of the recommended volume of 25-30 ml.

Opis proizvoda

Net wt.

1000 g


Roast coffee blend in beans

Uvjeti čuvanja

Čuvati na suhom mjestu! 

Produced by

Franck d.d., Vodovodna 20, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia

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