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Smarty Coffee Machine

To prepare a perfect espresso just like from your favorite coffee shop, you need skills and experience... or the Franck espresso machine for Franck Nespresso® compatible capsules. Preparation has never been easier and faster, and every drink is of the same premium quality and taste. We have four rich flavors of Franck coffee in capsules: Classic, Stretto, Superiore, and 125 Years.


Smarty Coffee Machine

Smarty Coffee Machine





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Dostava je BESPLATNA za sve narudžbe iznad 30,00 EUR


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GENERAL TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: Power: 1050 W; Dimensions in mm (w/h/d): 112/250/378; Weight: 3.75 kg; Built-in water tank with a capacity of 0.8 liters.


With the purchase of a Smarty coffee machine, you will receive a package of Franck 125 years and Franck Stretto Nespresso® compatible capsules as a gift.

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