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World of coffee and tea

Moka – A strong espresso at your fingertips

Autor: Franck d.d.

Priprema Franck Specialty kave u moki

Moka, or as many love to call it - the sister of espresso, carries within itself an expressive character that captivates the hearts of strong flavor enthusiasts. Originating from Italy where it holds an almost cult status, akin to Vespa and pizza, it can be found in nearly 80 percent of Italian households.

Dive into the world of Moka

Designed by Alfonso Bialetti back in 1933, it has since been a cult addition to the world of coffee. The operating principle of the Moka resembles that of an espresso machine, as both methods utilize water pressure to push steam and hot water through a layer of ground coffee. What makes Moka unique is the high water temperature during preparation, resulting in a recognizable bitterness note.

If you prefer a milder taste, it is recommended to use coarser ground coffee and 100% Arabica beans with a lighter roasting profile, which will reduce bitterness and highlight fruity acidity.

Due to the high coffee-to-water ratio when brewing with Moka, the resulting beverage is rich in aroma and has a dense body. The ideal recipe for Moka is a ratio of 1:3, where one gram of coffee is added to three grams of water. It is important to fill the metal filter to the top with ground coffee to prevent sudden water breakthroughs and ensure that the water does not cover the valve.

Moka is produced in two versions, aluminum, and stainless steel, and comes in six sizes - from one cup to coffee for a gathering.

Steps for preparing coffee in Moka

  1. Fill the bottom part of the Moka with water just below the valve. Use filtered water to avoid impurities that can spoil the coffee taste.
  2. Place the freshly ground coffee into the metal filter halfway, shake to distribute it evenly, then fill the remaining filter to the top and level it.
  3. Attach the upper and lower parts of the container and seal the Moka tightly to prevent pressure loss during brewing.
  4. Place on a gentle heat source until the coffee starts to drip.
  5. Ideal extraction is consistent throughout the entire process.
  6. After extraction is complete, remove the Moka from the heat source.
  7. Begin cleaning after the Moka has cooled down, and in case of limescale buildup, maintenance with apple cider vinegar is recommended. Avoid using dishwashers and abrasive agents. Wipe the Moka with a paper towel before storage to prevent corrosion.

In our webshop, you can find Moka, and for complete enjoyment, try Franck Specialty coffees, roasted and ground specifically for Moka preparation, or you can choose from Franck Premium coffees: 100% Arabica, Colombia, or Guatemala.

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