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World of coffee and tea

Cold preparation of tea and cappuccino for refreshment during hot summer days

Autor: Franck d.d.

Summer has arrived, temperatures are rising, and the search for the perfect refreshment is becoming a priority. We have a great idea on how to steal some time for yourself and refresh with your favorite drink. Tea and cappuccino can be prepared in a cold way and are perfect beverages for hot summer days.

Franck teas prepared cold are ideal for refreshing summer days, and we offer a wide selection of teas perfect for this preparation. A new addition is the Beestro chamomile and raspberry tea, simply brewed with cold water and left to steep for 10 minutes. Add ice cubes and sweeten to taste for a tantalizing flavor combination that delights with the first sip.

Additionally, standard flavors of Franck teas labeled for cold preparation are popular. After brewing with boiling water, they are cooled and ice cubes are added. Fruit teas are especially loved and perfect for crafting summer cocktails. For inspiration, here's a recipe for summer cocktail, the Apricot Moctktail, Franck Mimosa.

During a work break or after a day at the beach, treat yourself to a moment of relaxation with a cold cappuccino. This refreshing dessert beverage has become an essential part of many people's summer routines. Carry your cold cappuccino in a thermos when on the go, ensuring your favorite drink is always with you to provide a cooling refreshment when needed. Cold cappuccino offers a perfect balance of flavor and refreshment, giving you the energy needed for summer enjoyment.

Summer is also a time for gathering and creating unforgettable memories with friends. Host an afternoon gathering on the terrace or in the garden and serve cold Franck cappuccino or tea to your guests. They will be delighted, and you will be a host to remember. Cold Franck beverages are the perfect reason for summer gatherings and enjoying good company.

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