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Franck easy serve espresso machine

Making a flawless espresso, just as the one served at your favourite coffee shop, requires skill and experience…or the Franck Easy Serve Espresso machine! Making the perfect espresso has never been easier and every cup will deliver a flavourful perfection. The coffee is packed in filter packs, keeping it fresh and guarantees that perfect shot of espresso every time! Simply put the filter pack into the espresso machine, press the button and count down 16 seconds until you are served that perfect cup of Franck espresso Classic, Decaf, Stretto, Superiore, 125 Years or Guatemala. We have partnered with Grimac – Bologna, a leading Italian manufacturer of professional espresso machines, to enable true espresso lovers to make barista quality espresso at home.

Easy serve espresso machine





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Opis proizvoda

General technical data

Voltage: 220-240V 50 / 60Hz (Europe); 110-120V 60Hz (U.S.A.) 

Absorption power: 450W 1 safety thermostat with manual reset 145°C 1 adjustable operating thermostat for 5 (five) temperature level options: 

o 1 _ /93°C/ o 2 _ /95°C/ o 3 _ /98°C/ o 4 _ /100°C/ o 5 _ /102°C/ o 

Factory-set operating thermostat to level: 2 _95 ° C 

Dimensions (mm): h x d x w / 295 x 329 x 150 ( 180 _with_lever) 

Weight: 4 kg 

Water tank volume: 2 L

User manual


Preparation of cappuccino with the help of a milk frother on a Franck Easy Serve Espresso machine  

Preparation of espresso on a Franck Easy Serve Espresso machine  

Changing the temperature level of drink preparation on a Franck Easy Serve Espresso machine  

Maintenance and cleaning of Franck Easy Serve Espresso machines  

Descaling instructions on Franck Easy Serve Espresso machine  

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