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World of coffee and tea

Discover the natural wonder – The coffee plant!

Autor: Franck d.d.

Biljka kave

When we hear the word "coffee," we often envision a single tree. However, the coffee world is vast and diverse. 

There exist over 120 different coffee subspecies, with the most renowned being Arabica, responsible for a staggering 70% of global production. Robusta, another significant subspecies, has emerged as a popular alternative to Arabica. Once considered inferior, it is now increasingly esteemed and can be found in numerous specialty stores.

From Ethiopia to the rest of the world

Ethiopia is considered the birthplace of coffee, from where it spread to other continents. The global distribution of coffee reveals the genetic similarity among these varieties, which could pose a challenge in the event of a global disease threatening worldwide production.

Coffee cultivation as an art

Farmers sow seeds in special containers in nurseries and transplant them to plantations after 10 to 12 months. The first fruits emerge only after 3 years. The tree is highly susceptible to pests, with leaf rust and the coffee borer beetle being its primary adversaries. Harvesting is performed either manually or mechanically, depending on the terrain and local practices. Manual harvesting is prevalent in Africa due to hilly terrain, while mechanical harvesting is predominantly used in Brazil. The fruit's color can range from green to red, with red being preferred due to its high sugar content. After harvesting, the berries are processed to obtain the final product. Most berries contain two seeds, and only the inner seed is consumed.

A fascinating history and production process

Coffee is an extraordinary plant with a captivating history and production process. From modest beginnings in Ethiopia to global prominence, coffee has become an indispensable aspect of daily life for millions worldwide. Its intricate journey, from cultivation to cup, renders it a unique and remarkable plant deserving of our attention and admiration. Indeed, coffee transcends being merely a beverage—it is a natural marvel that consistently captivates us with its diversity and beauty. And the most intriguing fact about coffee is that it is a fruit.

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