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Creating Colorful Easter Eggs with Franck Teas

Autor: Franck d.d.

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Egg coloring is a fun activity for the whole family, and these ideas will help you beautify your Easter and the time spent together at home. Follow these simple instructions on how to prepare the most colorful Easter eggs - with Franck teas!

In 3 Steps to Colorful Easter Eggs with Franck Teas

Ingredients and Equipment - to make a total of 12 eggs in 4 different colors:

Franck teas - 5 tea bags of each (one tea, one color)

Green tea

Black tea

Rosehip tea

Wild berries tea

12 eggs (3 eggs per color)

Alcohol vinegar

Hot water

2 glasses

4 small pots for boiling


Small plate


Preparation - example for 3 eggs of one color

Step 1 - Bleaching the eggs

Prepare two equal glasses - put alcohol vinegar in one and water in the other (the ratio is important, 1:1). Place 3 eggs in a small pot and pour the prepared vinegar and then water over them. Turn on the heat and let it boil. As time passes, foam will begin to collect on the surface of the liquid in the pot. Take a spoon and remove it. Reduce the heat to the lowest and continue to remove the foam during cooking. After 10 minutes, turn off the heat and cool the boiled eggs with a stream of cold water. Rinse each egg separately and pat dry with a sponge, but be careful - the shell can easily crack here.

Step 2 - Coloring

In a small pot of hot water, place 5 tea bags of one Franck tea, for example, forest fruit. Add 3 previously bleached eggs to the pot with the tea bags. Leave them for 3 hours to absorb the color as much as possible.

Step 3 - Drying the eggs

After 3 hours, remove the finished eggs from the pot and place them on a small plate. Once completely dry, your colorful Easter eggs are ready for Easter baskets!

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