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Franck easy serve espresso machine

Grimac - Bologna, leading Italian professional espresso machine producer, in cooperation with Franck proudly presents Tube, top quality Easy Serve Espresso (E.S.E.) machine for in home espresso preparation - just like the one from your favourite Cafe! E.S.E. (acronym for Easy Serve Espresso) is a technology that simplifies the process of making a great cup of coffee and reduces it to a few, easy steps. Ground coffee is individually packaged and sealed between two thin layers of filter paper („pods“), which are inserted in the machine. Hot water passes through the „pod“ under high pressure, which then enables quick coffee extraction into a creamy espresso. Become your own barista with high quality Franck espresso prepared in just 16 seconds!

Easy serve espresso machine





999.99 kn

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Opis proizvoda

General technical data

Voltage: 220-240V 50 / 60Hz (Europe); 110-120V 60Hz (U.S.A.) 

Absorption power: 450W 1 safety thermostat with manual reset 145°C 1 adjustable operating thermostat for 5 (five) temperature level options: 

o 1 _ /93°C/ o 2 _ /95°C/ o 3 _ /98°C/ o 4 _ /100°C/ o 5 _ /102°C/ o 

Factory-set operating thermostat to level: 2 _95 ° C 

Dimensions (mm): h x d x w / 295 x 329 x 150 ( 180 _with_lever) 

Weight: 4 kg 

Water tank volume: 2 L

User manual

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